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A third generation aerial performer began her career with her father Clive a balance specialist who was also a juggling expert. Born in Sydney Australia, her mother Anne was a renowned entertainer who appeared regularly on Channel Nines Bandstand and worked at the exclusive Tivoli Theatre in Sydney ~ At only 8 years of age Danielle was performing on the Highwire Motorbike with brother Michael, this made them the youngest performers in the world to take on this amazing feat.


Danielle Lotah has been captivating audiences world wide and has worked throughout Asia, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and The United States, including the (CES) The Consumer Electronics Convention in Las Vegas, the world launch for Sharp Electronics 2002 Catalogue.

Not only a performer on the High Wire Motor Bike and the Spanish Web (Aerial Web ), Danielle is also renowned for her superb skills and daring on the Cloud Swing, Solo Trapeze, Cradle, Crane and Aerial Ring. 


Danielle has also pursued a career in the television and movie industries as a stunt specialist, where she has worked on the hit television series Who Dares Wins and Beastmaster. 
Danielle has also had extensive experience as an illusion assistant, where she has performed in major productions both in Australia and overseas. Entering the corporate arena, Danielle and The Flying Lotahs have performed for clients such as Porsche Motors, Mazda, Sharp Electronics and Sega World just to name a few. 


Born in New Zealand and from a very early age he has always had his sights set high. Clive’s father Athol the strong was a great Circus and sideshow performer who would amaze crowds with his awesome feats of strength ~ Clive decided to follow in his father’s footsteps; his future was clear and set in stone, Clive Lotah The Performer.

Clive Lotah is one of the founding members of the famous show business family, The Flying Lotahs.

He is also one of the most spectacular equilibrists in the world today.

He has a faultless style of professionalism that can only come from developing and perfecting his craft at an early age. Clive has produced shows and performed his daring aerial skills on the High Swaypole for many years, and his energetic juggling routines have amazed millions of people in over 30 different countries.

He has also performed in three Royal Command Performances and is still going strong today.

Clive is a great role model for the older generation and shows that you are never too old, now at the age of 75 he still performs his amazing aerial skills high above the ground amazing young and old alike.

Clive and The Flying Lotahs have amazed audiences world wide with their amazing productions will will do so for many years to come.


A star of Australian Television and Stage Shows. Is a dynamic example of the multi-talented artist that she is.  Not only does she sing and dance with an exciting vitality, but in a field where female performers traditionally find difficulty in mastering such skills as juggling. Anne has mastered these, to become one of Australia’s most accomplished performers in this field thus enabling her to complement the remarkably skilled routines of her equilibrist partner Clive Lotah. 

Always stunningly gowned and costumed. Her singing and dancing interludes, provide a delightful balance to an act of unique international performance and standard


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The Flying Lotahs took the Stage name Lotah which was handed down to them, by their Grand Father Colin Harrison a world renowned circus performer also known as  Athol the Strong.

When he was a young boy he did what most of us dream about as children, he ran away from his home in England and joined the circus.Colin Harrison aka  Athol the Strong went on to perform a strongman act, where his incredible feats of strength were legendry.

He was the first original founding member of 'The Flying Lotahs'.

Clive carried on the family tradition. Colin Harrison and his wife Dorothy also had three daughters and another son. 

Cives sister Angela still holds a place in the World Guiness Book of Records for the amazing feats she performed on the Solo Trapeze, his sister Ella was also a world renowned performer on the solo trapeze.


Clive Lotah  then met a beautiful young dancer Anne Jordan, who worked at the Tivoli Theatre. They later married while working in Japan, where they made a name for themselves, while performing in the busy club circuits of Japan. 

Clive and Anne upon returning to Australia decided to open their very own show, Circus Startime which travelled all over Australia for many years.


Clive and Anne then had two children Michael and Danielle they are the third generation of The Flying Lotahs. Michael (age 8) and Danielle (age 6) started their performing career on the High Wire Motor Bike, the youngest performers in the world to ever perform such feats.

Danielle not only performs on the High Wire Motor Bike and  Spanish Web ( Aerial Rope )  but is also renowned for her superb skills and daring on the Cloud Swing, Aerial Ring and Solo Trapeze. Danielle and her husband Scott are now ready to introduce the 4th generation to the industry, their 2 son’s Haven and Logan.


Michael has taken on a very different approach and has worked as an underwater escapologist and has also performed the deadly Wheel of Death. 

He now performs in the circus along side his wife Liz Gasser and 3 son’s the 4th

generation Lotahs and 8th generation Gasser Family. Now established in the corporate arena, The Flying Lotahs continue to entertain and captivate world wide audiences.


Why the name Flying Lotahs ?

We are often asked where the Flying Lotahs name came from. The Flying Lotahs name was originally Lohta, Athol spelt backwards. One day Clive received his promotional pamphlets and the printer company had misspelt their name as Lotah, unable to afford new ones Clive has used it ever since.

In the guiness book of records ?

Clives sister Angela still holds a place in the World Guiness Book of Records for the amazing feats she performed on the Solo Trapeze.

Entertained troops in Vientnam ?

Clive and Anne Lotah performed for the troops in Vientnam.

Youngest performers in the world ?

Michael (age 8) and Danielle (age 6) started their performing career on the High Wire Motor Bike, the youngest performers in the world to ever perform such feats.

In the movies ?

With a documenatry already in the works, and a movie script in devolpement, it was inevitable the Flying Lotahs talents would eventually cross over to the silver screen.Text...