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Garrison7:The Fallen - Paperback Edition

Standard paperback cover

Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi



When an elite special forces commander accidentally uncovers an insidious military conspiracy, his family is brutally murdered. Now the target of an intergalactic manhunt, they will stop at nothing to silence him.


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Date: June 21st 2019

Sydney Supanova, Olympic Park



Standard paperback cover

Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi



The year is 2087.

Tom Garrison, once an Elite Special Forces Commander in the Imperium Military is being hunted.


It’s been years since humanity learned they are not alone.

For centuries, an alien race known as the Varkarians have been living amongst Earth’s citizens; infiltrating its governments and breeding with its people.


Now, the Earth is ruled by the Imperium Empire, a new system of government born of a worldwide alliance. As it relentlessly pushes out into the Galaxy, its half-breed ruler, Empress Morgana, is determined to maintain the peace between alien species. 

But as Earth’s resources dwindle and its people rebel against the forces that control them, there are factions within the Empire who are pushing for war.

It is these same factions who have named Tom Garrison a traitor and brutally murdered his family, all because he discovered a sinister conspiracy going back thousands of years.


But Tom Garrison will not die so easily. 

If It’s war they want… 

It’s war they’ll get… WAR IS COMING